Sunday, 26 March 2017

Some Security Podcasts I Like

As a tester and a current student of web security and pentesting I have recently tried to update and improve my knowledge on general security issues. I am a big fan of podcasts, being able to listen to them while I work and travel. Having a set of podcasts on the go is I find an easy win in terms of time and opportunity - and there are some free, good and enlightening ones...

OWASP 24-7

The official podcast of the OWASP security consortium. A podcast released around once a month. Conversations with speakers on big and important areas such as security, devops, continuous integration and project management along with details on individual OWASP projects and the APPSEC conferences. I find the style engaging and informative and almost never dull. Not to be missed.

TWiT Security Now

The Daddy of the genre. IT Guru and broadcaster Leo Laporte and anti-spyware pioneer Steve Gibson spend two hours every week discussing the big IT security issues of the day. Recent topics include the huge Struts 2 and Cloudflare vulnerabilities, the leaking of CIA's Vault 7 and cyber warfare against Poland and the Ukraine. Once again, interesting conversations and information to while away the hours.

Defensive Security Podcast

Security experts Jerry Bell (@maliciouslink) and Andrew Kalat (@lerg) talk about the big security issues of the day and how companies can protect themselves. Covers similar topics to TWiT but in a shorter time and at a somewhat more technical level. A decent and informative podcast, however I would not believe that there is much value in listening to this and TWiT Security Now every week.

Paul's Security Weekly / Hack Naked News

​A large mixture of podcasts and webcasts produced by Paul Asadoorian aimed at the jobbing security tester, with demos, news items, online interviews and advice entertainingly delivered. The Hack Naked News cast comprises short (no more than 10 min) news episodes about the world of hacking and security. Great for those who are busy or reticent about listening to the longer recordings above. Worth checking out..

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